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BeyondTel Established Cooperative Partnership with Holtek Today


BeyondTel and Holtek, a global professional integrated IC design corporation, today sign a contract to establish a 3 year formal partnership in technology and business cooperation.

With the strongest background in hardware developing and researching, and the backup support of high quality IC supplying by Holtek, BeyondTel’s single chipset, which is much cheaper and of higher flexibility, will be an important selling point in the solution developing. A lot of application is going to be explored in the PC-based VoIP products. Up till now, we can apply this single chipset in the aspects of USB Phone, USB VoIP ATA, USB VoIP Mouse, USB VoIP Keyboard, and some other PC-based HID related applications and PC-based Audio-related Applications.

“This cooperation marks a milestone in our products line developing. Both of us are quite optimistic on the future of the new applications. Anyway, we must seize every tiny opportunity to bring a breakthrough …….”
Said Bridge Peng, the President of BeyondTel.

About Holtek Semiconductor Inc.
With a prestigious location in the green field site of the Hsinchu Science Park, Holtek Semiconductor Inc., backed up by a skilled workforce in excess of 300 people, a capitalization of 2.06 billion NTD (69 million USD) and a worldwide agent network, has evolved into a global professional integrated IC design organization. Holtek's main business area, in addition to research and development, includes a strong marketing focus giving the company a presence in most parts of the world. This global marketing and promotional structure will continue to develop and place Holtek in a strong position to take advantage of any new market opportunities which may arise.

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