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BeyondTel Released the First USB Phone with Polyphonic Ring Tones in the World


As the leader of VoIP products and solutions, BeyondTel Co. Ltd. today released the first USB Phone with polyphonic ring tones in the world through the research, development and engineering efforts from it's R&D team. This breakthrough marks a new page in BeyondTel's history of development.

Integrating the most advanced ring tones processing technology, the new products and solutions has been in the spotlight since its birth today.

"his breakthrough will no doubt accelerate the technology development of telecommunication. A fiercer competition is approaching to global USB Phone manufacturers and the ones that cannot sense the market trend and ride on it will definitely be driven off this competition.”

Dr. Wang, the Software Engineer of Technology Research Dept. of Tencent.

“BeyondTel's fast development really interests me. It's a very nice design that people can enjoy the melody from their USB Phones just as they do from the ordinary mobile phone. But many other companies fails to make it…”
Kermit Xie, the Technical Marketing Engineer of Intel APAC Application Design-in Center of Intel.

“BeyondTel's development in these years is so incredible…”
Steven M. S. Lai, the Asia Pacific Sourcing Mananger of Vtech.

According to Bridge Peng, the president of BeyondTel and the leader of R&D team which consists of over-20-member creative talents from Mainland China, Taiwan area and American Silicon Valley, “BeyondTel has always been concentrating on recruiting different talents to build up an innovative, active, and mature R&D team since its foundation in 1995. On the basis of ‘science and technology constitute a primary productive force', we will always keep pace with nowadays ever-changing global market and renew our technology……”


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