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Let's Enjoy PSTN/VoIP Telephony Services With SkyDECT--- SkyDECT: A Next Generation USB VoIP ATA


As a remarkable advancement and a new leap forward in the field of VoIP hardware technology, BeyondTel Co., Ltd one month ago brought us an international surprise by releasing a next-generation USB VoIP ATA ---- “SKyDECT”, with which the VoIP subscribers can upgrade the DECT phone or regular phone to be a PSTN/VoIP dual mode phone.

Thanks to the dramatic development in the VoIP industry nowadays, many more VoIP service is provided throughout the World Wide Web. Through the consistent research and endeavor by BeyondTel’s R&D team, SkyDECT can support not only Skype, but also many other Europe popular VoIP applications such as VoipBuster, VoipStunt, VoipCheap, VoipDiscount and SparVoip, etc. This new breakthrough enables worldwide VoIP subscribers to enjoy more choices among different VoIP services so as to choose a more favorable or a more suitable one according to their needs. Within the full-function driver interface of SkyDECT, users can not only select ring tones and hotkeys for different VoIP services, but also choose a cheaper VoIP service to make outgoing calls. Its design is so practical and easy-to-use that it had won an international recognition since its release.

If you are interested in this USB VoIP ATA, don’t hesitate to contact us for a trial order by emailing to sales@beyondtel.com.


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