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BeyondTel Took the lead in Designing the Most Creative Mouse with VoIP Phone Features


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Driven by the tenet of “Innovation and Technology”, BeyondTel today successfully released the first mouse with VoIP phone features in the world.

This creative innovation of combining a mouse with VoIP phone and HI-Fi speaker features, no doubt will revolutionize the PC-based VoIP industry. With such a mouse, you can freely surf on the Internet world and make calls or receive calls whenever ou like. You can regard it as a

“Dual-band” hand phone-------when it is closed, it is a mouse to click on your PC screen; when it is open, it looks like an opened “Dual-band” hand phone and you can make/receive calls as simple as using your mobile phone. It is such a smart and creative design that it marks another trend in the PC-based VoIP industry since its release today.

"I was always thinking what we can bring to our customers. Is it just the profit or interest? No! From the 11 years’ experience working in the field of VoIP telecommunication, I gradually realized that the most important value that we can create is the innovative idea and technology, which is playing an incredible role in leading our customers and the end-users to get the highest interests from our products......By combining the function of mouse and VoIP phone, the end-users must have a ideal and unique experience in enjoying the free VoIP telephony……”
Dr. Peng, the Product Director of Technology Research Dept. of BeyondTel Co., Ltd.

If you are interested in this Skype mouse, please contact us and we will arrange to sent you a sample mouse for your probation.

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