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BeyondTel and CounterPath Solutions, Inc. seal the Partnership Today


BeyondTel and CounterPath, an Internetional SIP softphone solution provider, today signed a contract to establish the cooperative partnership in SIP softphone technology.

BeyondTel, a powerful hardware provider in the VoIP industry, have just successfully developed its own SIP softphone. During the following 3 years as signed in the contract, BeyondTel and CounterPath will go deep into the SIP protocols and design a series of new VoIP products for our customer of different needs.

“The VoIP products based on SIP protocols must have a bright tomorrow in the VoIP industry. At least, the market forecast is supposed to rise 20% next year……”
Said Bill Xu, the Marketing Manager of BeyondTel.

About CounterPath Solutions, Inc.
CounterPath Solutions, Inc., formerly Xten Networks, Inc., is a developer of award-winning, carrier-grade VoIP and Video over IP SIP softphones for telecom and Internet telephony service providers, cable operators, IP-PBX manufacturers and infrastructure manufacturers. CounterPath's SIP softphones and softphone SDKs (Software Development Kits), which provide VoIP, Video over IP, IM (Instant Messaging) and Presence functionality and can be preconfigured to our customer's VoIP service, are predominantly licensed on a per-seat or per-subscriber basis either co-branded or private labeled. CounterPath's technology is deployed by over 210 customers in more than 49 countries.

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